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“We are delighted to welcome Nadeem Shaikh from SMART Way Forward onto the National Coach Development Programme. We hope that the opportunities that the programme offers to further enhance his already substantial knowledge, together with his enthusiasm and experience, will be very useful to other athletes & coaches around the country.”
Jenny Harris
National Coach Mentor Youth Development (Endurance), England Athletics

CPD Management & Leadership Experience: Seminars and Activities


10.15am – 11.15pm
Seminar 1: How to Lead your Leaders & Manage your Managers effectively
Nadeem Shaikh, Managing Director, SMART Way Forward

This seminar looks at the importance of having a well balanced, focused team and how to get the best out of each individual. It also looks at the fundamentals such as trust, communication skills, taking ownership, responsibility and accountability. Goals are only achieved and targets exceeded when everyone in your team is singing off the same hymn sheet. The hints and tips from this seminar will ensure you have the rights skills and strategy to deliver on both accounts.


1.00pm – 2.00pm
Seminar 2: Managing Change in your organisation
Annie Page, Director, Essentii / Point of Transition

Change affects all of us. No matter what is happening today, you can guarantee that tomorrow will be different.  However, change can be a very positive thing, especially if you focus on controlling the controllables and highlight the benefits for the change. More often than not, change is met with uncertainty, resistance, insecurity and frustration. However, if managed properly, change is the perfect podium to help you try a fresh approach, challenge or strategy. In this seminar, Annie will guide you through her successful model for how to manage change strategies effectively within a team, department or company.


3.00pm – 4.00pm
Seminar 3: An Olympic mindset. Small changes make big differences
Bryan Steel, Olympian, British Cycling

Having successfully competed at four Olympic Games as part of the Team GB British Cycling squad for team pursuit, Bryan Steel knows exactly how important preparation is and how small changes to your strategy can have a tremendous impact on your performance.  Having a winning mentally which is driven by focus, desire and determination to win is key. Bryan will explain the strategy which was adopted by British Cycling which helped the team move from a ranking of 17th to 1st in the World in just 8 years.  Team GB and British Cycling is now regarded as the Best in the World.




Experienced instructors take the group through a series of practice sessions and then a scored competition using Recurve longbows. This section is always popular, as most people will start with limited success and then rapidly improve to achieve some useful scores.

A team decision will need to be made at the end of the activity to earn additional team points. They will have three arrows and the choice of two targets. One target has a single balloon at its centre – bursting this balloon will earn ten points. The second target has lots of balloons attached all over it – hitting any of these will earn three points. The team must decide whether they go for a high risk but high scoring target or stick with a lower risk option. This will usually generate lots of team discussion as the participants decide which option they are going to select and who will fire the arrows.


Team building challenges

The one hour team building section will involve two separate team activities, each lasting approximately 30 minutes.

UXB (unexploded Bomb)

 A large unexploded bomb must be defused before the timer reaches zero. The bomb must be recovered from its resting-place and defused. The bomb is heavy and awkward to lift and so requires ropes, pulleys, shackles and lateral thinking to move it to safe ground. A brain-twisting logic problem then needs to be solved to discover which coloured wire needs to be cut.

Nerves of steel are required for this task! A really solid team building exercise that will involve all of the team members.

Cross Roads

The team will be divided into two halves, each starting on a separate raised platform. The aim is for the teams to switch platforms using narrow metal balance beams – a true challenge of team work and team co-operation.


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