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“On behalf of Annemount and the PTA, I would like to thank SMART Way Forward once again for organising such an incredible event this morning! It was a great success and we raised a lot of money for Sports Relief in the process. It is so inspiring to meet such driven and successful athletes. For […]

11 September 2023

The Pitchmark Group

“Nadeem is an exceptionally skilled and experienced trainer with an intimate understanding of The Pitchmark Group. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Nadeem proves to be an invaluable asset in providing high-quality training. His years of experience in the field make him a proficient guide, ensuring our team receives the best possible training to excel in their roles and contribute to the growth of our organisation. We are confident that Nadeem’s training session will be transformative, empowering our staff with the skills and knowledge needed to achieve remarkable success”

Katie Yarwood
HR Officer, The Pitchmark Group


“Thank you very much for taking the time to put together such a successful day’s training. I appreciate that it was an intensive day with a lot of content to cover, but many of the team said that they felt the day flew by and that you were engaging. I heard much laughter so it sounded like you were all having fun with it”

Sandie Nickols
Sales Operations & Customer Support Manager, The Pitchmark Group


“Thank you so much for hosting probably the most engaging and interesting training session I have ever been involved in!”

Georgina Fowler
Customer Service Team, The Pitchmark Group

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