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“Bonar Yarns is primarily a manufacturing company and our customer service is an essential link between our own production facilities and our customers. SMART Way Forward were asked to deliver a training programme focussed on improving our service, communication skills and helping staff make best use of their time. This they have achieved through a […]

15 March 2018

Understanding learning styles, personality types and body language

When it comes to effective leadership and management, one size does not fit all for each member of your team. Every person is unique and knowing their individual learning styles and personality types will allow you to communicate with them in the right way and ensure you can manage them effectively and get the best out of them. It is important to know that some people are visual learners, while some are aural. Some people like to read and take notes and others learn by experience by being in the moment. In the same way, some people are activists and confidently take action – worrying about the consequences later; whereas pragmatist personality types approach things logically; theorists base their judgements on available data while reflectors like to analyse and review – but can also be sensitive to being let down or hurt.

No single learning style or personality type is better than another, as the best teams are made up of people who represent a mix of all of them. This training workshop will help you understand and recognise this within your team, so that you approach each person in the way in which you will get the best reaction, response, drive and performance out of them.

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