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“The approach demonstrated by Nadeem and SMART Way Forward has been the driving force behind our team training.  Nadeem tailored the training to fit the needs of the team and has delivered beyond everyone’s expectations. Encouraging engagement in an interesting and knowledgeable fashion, the team engaged in the training have been recognised throughout our business for the immediately obvious improvements. Both in a group setting and as a one-to-one coach, Nadeem excels to deliver and impart great knowledge and experience, benefitting any team or individual.”


Nick Parker
Director of Lutterworth, PCE Automation

15 March 2018

Market research

Market research is an essential resource, not just to help you gauge the public response and reaction, but also to help you back up your research and findings. In this day and age, gathering stats, facts and figures off the internet is not enough. Research needs to be valid, as it can add weight to your reasons, responses and arguments. This can be a huge benefit, especially when public opinion matters and influences the success or failure of your products/services.

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