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“Nadeem has been a member of Shaftesbury Barnet Harrier for almost 24 years. During this time, he has been an active middle and long distance athlete for the club and over the last eight years, has progressed to become a very successful and respected athletics coach and mentor. Nadeem from SMART Way Forward has excellent organisational skills, is very professional in his approach and has boundless energy and enthusiasm towards everything he does!”
Philip Cunningham
Hon Club Secretary, Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers

23 May 2016

CSPs benefit from SMART Way Forward’s Coach Development programmes

SMART Way Forward’s Coach Development team continues to work with County Sports Partnerships and other public sector organisations to help them develop coaching skills.

Taking place over two separate sessions, SMART Way Forward has worked with female coaches from Active Essex from sports such as football, rugby, swimming, running, roller skating, hockey, zumba and personal training; running workshops designed to help the coaches develop their softer skills and management skills by helping them understand the following areas:

– Understanding learning styles and personality types
– Effective interpersonal and communication skills
– Forming an effective personal development plan (PDP)
– What is Mental Toughness?
– Demonstrating Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)
– The difference between your Intention and Perception + brief overview on body language
– Having confidence in your Ability, Knowledge and Experience

Feedback after the training was excellent and a coach development programme is being set throughout 2016.

“Active Essex appointed SMART Way Forward to deliver a series of coach development workshops as part of our commitment to encouraging, engaging and developing the skills of women working, coaching and volunteering within sport in Essex,” said Lauren Neve, Coaching Development Manager for Active Essex.

“The workshops have a good balance of theory and practical, as well as sharing useful tips, knowledge and experience. Nadeem and his team have been fantastic throughout allowing us to deliver thought provoking workshops. We have a great working relationship with SMART Way Forward and would happily recommend them to other organisations.”

SMART Way Forward has also run a Behaviour Change workshop for Suffolk Sport County Sports Partnership (CSP), helping coaches from a wide range of sports develop their softer skills and personal self analysis skills so they can have a better understanding of how their communication, actions and mannerisms whilst coaching can impact a positive or negative outcome. The following areas were covered:

Characteristics of coaching styles
The importance of good communication skills
Understanding different learning styles and personality types
Intention and perception
A brief overview on body language

The workshop was attended by more than 25 coaches and the theory and practical advice shared was very well received.

Follow up sessions are already being implemented by the Suffolk Sport County Sports Partnership (CSP) and future SMART Way Forward Coach Development workshops are already being discussed for delivery over the coming months.

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