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“We recently appointed SMART Way Forward to provide advice, research and design work to help JB Corrie promote its revolutionary ServeAce tennis fencing solution. We were delighted with the service provided by SMART Way Forward and would happily use them again and recommend them to others.”
Maurice Hickman
Sales and Marketing Director, J B Corrie & Co Ltd

30 June 2014

The Freq Reflex by Speed Freq; a SMART solution which improves your speed & strength

Main SpeedFreqlogoWhen experienced strength and conditioning experts Speed Freq developed and created The Freq Reflex they knew they had designed something which could potentially revolutionise the sporting world.

The Freq Reflex is an innovative piece of equipment, designed specifically to help athletes and players become fitter, faster, stronger and more efficient in their movement during training and competition through effective dorsiflexion.

The team at Speed Freq are all very established sports coaches with an exceptional understanding of strength, conditioning and biomechanics. Therefore they appreciate how important it is for an athlete or player to have efficient movement, flow and strength in their cadence; during training and especially during competition.

Therefore, once The Freq Reflex was ready to launch, Speed Freq appointed SMART Way Forward to assist the team with their marketing strategy, sales management and consultancy to ensure a successful introduction to the sport, leisure, health and fitness industry.

Dan McKeown, Managing Director at Speed Freq was extremely grateful for the support given by SMART Way Forward: “Great work by the team from SMART Way Forward! We love what you have produced for us. You are the perfect people to assist with a new product launch. You are helpful, friendly and very supportive. Thank you so much guys!”

SpeedFreq brochure

Nadeem Shaikh, Managing Director of SMART Way Forward, said “The Freq Reflex is a fantastic piece of kit! I remember speaking with Dan last year about it and have seen the product develop and evolve from concept through to manufacture.

“With my coaching hat on, I can see exactly how beneficial The Freq Reflex is to any athlete or player who participates in a sport which relies upon speed, strength, jumping ability, movement and control. The team and I at SMART Way Forward are very proud to be working with Speed Freq on the launch of The Freq Reflex. I only wish this product was available when I was competing many years ago!”

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