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7 June 2013

Rob Hardwick

Rob Hardwick

Rob Hardwick joined Herts Sports Partnership six years ago, to work on workforce development in the sports and leisure sector. Getting paid to work in sport was a refreshing novelty, as Rob spent around 30 years as a volunteer in community sport and had proved to be sufficiently talentless to ensure that he was not plucked from the amateur ranks as a player!

During that time, Rob gained an invaluable grassroots view of the world of governing bodies, and of both community and representative sport. His day job involved training design and delivery, working for a range of public and private sector organisations. If asked, he would suggest that his commercial experience, along with his time spent working with civil servants, has provided him with insights that have proved invaluable in his current role.

As Coaching Development Manager at Herts Sports Partnership, Rob has been instrumental in developing the Partnership’s coaching ‘offer’. Their coach education programme includes Herts Coach Education Week (‘largest event of its kind in Europe’), workshops, coaching breakfasts, lectures, etc., and the CoachMark registration scheme for coaches is attracting national attention. Critically, coaching is seen as an integral part of Herts Sports Partnership’s programmes, ranging from Active Students for university students to Active Together, targeting the over 50s.


At the SMART Way Forward CPD Business and Coaching Conference 2013, Rob Hardwick, Coach Development Manager at Herts Sports Partnership, will deliver the following workshop:

2.30pm – 3.30pm
The role of a County Sports Partnership (CSP)

There are 49 County Sports Partnership (CSPs) located within England. They all play a major part in helping to deliver the strategies which have been laid out by Sport England to help the development and infrastructure of community sport. County Sports Partnerships or CSP’s as they are commonly known, have to show that they are consistently delivering a core set of services against programmes endorsed by Sport England and the National Sports Governing Bodies (NGBs). All of which are then measured and audited by Sport England on a regular basis. These core set of services include areas such as sports club development, coaching, coach education, volunteering, grassroots sports development, PE and Sport for young people within schools, facility provision, investment and funding programmes (including applications for lottery funding). There are a number of ways County Sports Partnerships (CSPs) can help you and your sports club, as they also form very good network links with schools, colleges, universities and local businesses.

This workshop will help you understand the role of a County Sports Partnership and share examples of how their services can you in yours sports club, Association or organisation.


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