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“Nadeem’s inspirational, enthusiastic and exciting way of delivering training ensures that the customer is not only bowled over but left needing more! He should be an essential part of any developing sales team as he has the ability to seamlessly integrate, motivate and educate … he is certainly at the heart of ours.”
Claire Mollet
Director, Hippo Leisure Products Ltd

8 May 2013

SMART Sales Training to help your teams achieve AMAZING results!

Nadeem ShaikhIn the last few years, the consultants at SMART Way Forward have worked with a variety of organisations from sports equipment manufacturers and suppliers, through to leisure operators, product distributors and service providers by helping them increase their sales enquiries and close more deals.

We have consistently helped organisations achieve successful results by working closely with their management teams and sales people by identifying appropriate sales strategies for their businesses.

Our team of consultants are experts in designing and delivering the right sales training programme to help your staff identify customer needs quickly and more efficiently. Your teams can then present and provide an appropriate solution tailored perfectly to the customer’s requirements, by understanding and matching their needs throughout the whole process.

In all cases where we have delivered sales training, productivity has increased and sales targets have comfortably been exceeded by individuals, teams and Regions. An excellent achievement by any organisation in this current economic climate! Take a look at our testimonials to see what our clients have to say about us

All our training workshops are bespoke and designed specifically to fit in with your ethos and business strategies. In addition, we take the time to understand the existing knowledge and experience of your team so that training delivery can be pitched at the right level.

Depending upon your training requirements, all our workshops can be delivered as a Half day (4 hours) or a Full day (8 hours). Some of the most popular sales training workshops we have delivered include the following.

Arrival, Introduction and Rapport Building Business Administration and Organisation skills
Business Conversation Skills SPIN Sales training
Call Research and Preparation Effective Cold Calling
Objection Handling Effective Negotiation and Closing Skills
Effective New Business Development The art of Open Questioning
Packaging and Making offers Presentation and Demonstration
Proactive Account Management Telephone Appointment Making
Territory and Time Management Understanding your Marketplace
Building Sales Confidence Assertive Decision Making
Awareness, Perception and Professionalism How to stand out from your competitors
Prioritising your sales database. Who, where and when? Understanding your company branding and your Unique Selling Points (USP)
Taking innovative marketing to the next level Forming an effective sales strategy
What is in your portfolio and how to use it effectively to generate sales How to sell yourself effectively
Exceeding customer expectations Managing your customers expectations
Educating customers through consultative sales Consistently delivering excellent customer service


IMG_5359.JPGOur training rates start from as little as £395.00 plus expenses for a Half days training of up to 4 hours and £695.00 plus expenses for a Full days training of up to 8 hours. Timings include equipment set up and training delivery. Additional expenses will be added to all final quotations in order to cover the cost of travel and any overnight stay. All pre-preparation work for training delivery is included as part of the final quotation given.

Therefore, even if you already have a well established sales team, sometimes a little sales training refresher is all that is needed to motivate and ignite that passion, desire and enthusiasm in your sales team. After all, if sales people are happy, motivated, confident and well trained in their roles, then they will always be focused to go that extra mile and exceed their targets!

To learn more about the different ways in which SMART Way Forward can help your sales teams exceed their targets, please contact us at either quoting ‘SMART Sales Training’ in the subject line or contact Nadeem Shaikh, Managing Director of SMART Way Forward directly on +44 (0) 7980 300169. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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