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“We are delighted to welcome Nadeem Shaikh from SMART Way Forward onto the National Coach Development Programme. We hope that the opportunities that the programme offers to further enhance his already substantial knowledge, together with his enthusiasm and experience, will be very useful to other athletes & coaches around the country.”
Jenny Harris
National Coach Mentor Youth Development (Endurance), England Athletics

12 December 2012

Nadeem Shaikh

Nadeem Shaikh, Managing Director, SMART Way Forward

Nadeem Shaikh is the Managing Director of SMART Way Forward, a specialist sales management, CPD and training consultancy working within the sport, leisure, health and fitness industry.

Nadeem has a wealth of knowledge and experience, having been involved in sport for over 25 years. Nadeem is qualified sales and management trainer, a UK Athletics Level 3 Performance Endurance coach and a coach on the National Coach Development Programme with England Athletics. Over the years, Nadeem has worked with a number of sport’s National Governing Bodies (NGBs), County Sports Partnerships (CSPs), Local Authorities and a number of corporate companies around the UK.

Prior to SMART Way Forward, Nadeem held senior management positions with companies such as Disney, Reed Elsevier, Leisure Media, Sports Management and The Nichem Group. Nadeem has designed and implemented many successful development programmes, bid proposals, training seminars and workshops, along with many sales and management strategies within a variety of organisations.

Nadeem is passionate about sport, especially athletics, having represented his club, Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers at County, Region and International level. He now coaches some of the best young endurance athletes in the UK, some of whom have already represented Team GB.

Nadeem is also the Vice President for Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers and sits on a number of sports committees, including those which organise, train and coordinate marshals at events such as the London Marathon, London Mini Marathon, Bupa 10k and the Adidas Women’s 5K road race. Nadeem was also a very proud London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games Maker, who worked on the men’s, women’s and Paralympics marathon and road cycling events.


Nadeem  delivered a workshop on Effective communication skills for sports coaches at our very first CPD Coaching Conference in September 2012. He will of course be speaking again at the SMART Way Forward CPD Business and Coaching Conference 2013 (Midlands/North).

At the SMART Way Forward CPD Business and Coaching Conference 2013 (Midlands/North), as well as welcoming delegates at 9.30am and concluding the day at 4.45pm, Nadeem will be delivering the following workshops:

11.15am – 12.15pm (Business Workshop)
Building strong customer relationships – telephone vs email vs face to face

Building strong relationships with customers is vital if you want to maintain a healthy partnership and a successful business. Therefore, using the correct manner in which to communicate your message is of paramount importance, especially in business.

Technology is there to help us, but it should not mask the fact the ‘people buy from people’. Using the right communication at the right time, with the right level of detail can make a huge difference to the final outcome. The way in which you and your team communicate with customers over the phone, email or face to face, can have a huge bearing on how your company ethics is perceived. After all, we all want to experience a successful outcome rather than a steep learning curve of disappointment!

This workshop will provide some handy hints and tips to ensure you always relay your messages correctly and communicate in the right way, so that you and your business is perceived correctly in the marketplace.


2.30pm – 3.30pm (Sports Coaching Workshop)
Effective Communication skills for sports coaches

A successful sports coach or team manager must have excellent communication skills otherwise the whole process becomes extremely difficult. Communication must be open, honest, regular and consistent if coach, athlete and player are to build mutual trust and form a healthy working partnership.

Developing effective communication skills will help you recognise the different characteristics adopted by each athlete and player before, during and after training or competition. Therefore, communicating appropriately is vital when you are working towards success at international and elite level. Coaches must be able to relay instructions clearly and express urgency in a calm controlled focused manner. Coaches and managers must be able to communicate effectively to groups, as well as engage with athletes and players on a one‐to-one basis.

This workshop will give you a brief overview on how to use verbal, visual and written communication effectively. It will also highlight the importance of being aware of your own body language and perception on and off the sport pitch.




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