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“I just wanted to thank you personally for the training. It was delivered with enthusiasm, warmth, significant knowledge and your style encouraged open high quality discussions. Many thanks for your kind words towards our team” Mark Winder Secretary General/Chief Executive Officer, Goalball UK

12 December 2012

Kim Harris

Kim Harris built a ladies’ fashion retail company with 13 branches and 180 staff, where controlling overhead expenditure was vital to the success and ultimate survival of the business.

Now, with BCR Associates, he is working within all business sectors but his love of sport has seen the company look to branch out more and more in to the sport and leisure sectors, working with associations such as the GCMA, SIBA and Expotel and work with clients such as Harlequins and Exeter Chiefs.

BCR Associates are considered one of the UK’s leading cost reduction consultancies and have won the Best Service category at the prestigious Best Business Awards.

The company will identify hidden profit by reviewing a company’s spend on electricity, gas, telecoms, insurance, staff, finance, vehicles and green services. They make no charge for their cost reviews, which are without obligation, PLUS there is no commission to pay as their clients retain 100% of savings realised. BCR Associates are paid by the suppliers for the retention and acquisition of clients.


At the SMART Way Forward CPD Business and Coaching Conference 2013 (Midlands/North), Kim Harris will be delivering the following Sports Coaching Workshop:

2.30pm – 3.30pm
How to save money by managing overheads and operational costs effectively

In this current economic climate, it is fair to say that most businesses and organisations are continuously reviewing their overheads and operational costs to see where possible savings can be made.

Identifying hidden profit by reviewing spend on areas such as electricity, gas, telecoms, insurance, staff, finance, vehicles, and green services can usually save businesses hundreds, if not thousands of pounds! However, this process needs to be managed and controlled properly if businesses are to take full advantage of this additional revenue.

As Director of cost reduction consultants BCR Associates, Kim Harris will explain how easy it is for businesses to save money, if they take a few simple steps and allow their existing procedures to be reviewed. The process to help identify savings within a business does not need to be time consuming or laborious. Internal departments need to communicate with one another more openly, take a flexible approach and act on the information when it is highlighted that savings can be made. Kim will run through the process and explain how easy savings can be identified.



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