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“Nadeem from SMART Way Forward recently delivered a SMART CPD training workshop for our team, who thoroughly enjoyed the experience. As well as enhancing their organisational skills and learning to prioritise their workloads, they found the training positive, engaging and enjoyable. Nadeem’s approach to the training matched our team’s style perfectly, and we’re looking forward […]

10 December 2012

BCR Associates continuing to help ‘SMART’ sports clubs and businesses save money

In this current economic climate, it is fair to say that most businesses and organisations are continuously reviewing their overheads and operational costs to see where possible savings could be made ready for the year ahead.

Thankfully help is at hand. Cost reduction consultants BCR Associates in partnership with SMART Way Forward have already advised a number of sports clubs, sport’s National Governing Bodies (NGBs), golf clubs, universities, colleges, hotel groups, bank, insurance firms and commercial businesses, highlighting how much of a saving they could make if they were to allow the consultants at BCR to negotiate their contracts. In some cases, the savings made have run into thousands upon thousands of pounds!

Kim Harris, Director of BCR Associates explains, “BCR have been saving organisations money since 2005. Through our free, no obligation ‘Health Check’ we identify hidden profit by reviewing a company’s spend on areas such as electricity, gas, telecoms, insurance, staff, finance, vehicles, and green Services. We make no charge for this cost reviews and there is no commission to pay, as the client retains 100% of the savings made. This is simply because BCR Associates are paid by the suppliers for whom the retention and acquisition has been agreed with for the client.

“We are delighted to be working with the experienced team at SMART Way Forward. The sport, leisure, health and fitness sector is an area where companies and sports clubs could make huge savings if they act quickly and request our free health check ASAP.”

Nadeem Shaikh, Managing Director of SMART Way Forward, said: “We are very proud to be working in partnership BCR Associates. They are a great team, very friendly and extremely professional in their approach. A simple health check from BCR can highlight the possible saving a sports club or organisation can make. Once agreed, BCR will then arrange all the transfer of contracts, suppliers, etc… with no disruption or inconvenience whatsoever to your organisation. It really is a great, hassle free service to use.”

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