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“Thank you so much for running the leadership management training course last week. What can I say, it was just brilliant! I learnt so much about myself and the staff I work with. I was amazed at how Nadeem had discreetly arranged problem solving tasks/obstacles on his arrival without me even knowing, just so he could assess my approach, reactions and emotions ahead of delivering the course – incredible! Nadeem really sets the standard for how to deliver an excellent bespoke leadership training programme based on individual training needs.”
Yvonne Simpson
Project Coordinator, Track Academy by Connie Henry

1 April 2012

Train SMART, increase enquiries and close more sales!

Train SMART, increase enquiries and close more sales

Over the last 12 months, the team at SMART Way Forward has worked with a number of sports and leisure equipment manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and service providers, all looking to increase enquiries and close more sales in this difficult economic climate.

We have helped all of them develop an effective sales strategy to ensure they were able to fulfil their goals and targets.

In some cases, SMART Way Forward designed and delivered specific sales training to help staff identify customer needs more quickly and offer appropriate solutions. This included training in sales techniques or consultative sales processes.

Once delivered, sales people were able to take a more personal structured and methodical sales process, which instantly led to an increase in productivity and excellent conversion rate from enquiry through to sales order.

Sometimes, a little refresher on areas such as sales training, business development, management procedures, prospect identification or a simple review of your existing sales strategy is all that is needed to generate enthusiasm, inspire motivation and convert potential enquiries into orders.

Click here to take a look at some of the training courses we can offer your business at SMART Way Forward.

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