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1 April 2012

SMART CSPs & NGBs book workshops to develop coaching skills

SMART CSPs & NGBs book workshops to develop coaching skills

Sports coaches are hugely influential people who can inspire individuals and change lives within a community. Therefore it is vital that they have the knowledge, support, technical ability and interpersonal skills to really get the best out their players and athletes – especially if they want to perform successfully at the highest level.

This is why SMART Way Forward has designed a specific range of CPD coaching workshops, mainly focusing on the ‘softer skills’ of coaching, to help County Sports Partnerships (CSPs) and sports National Governing Bodies (NGBs) develop the knowledge and skills of their community sports coaches in an enthusiastic, interactive way.

These skills support those learned when coaches take qualifications through their governing body, but offer a new perspective; focusing on areas such as interpersonal skills, planning and self development. These abilities can make a huge difference to how players and athletes respond to instructions during training and competition.

As any well respected and established sports coach knows, successful performances only come when all the preparation and hard training has been done and no stone left unturned during the planning stages. If coach and athlete are perfectly in tune with each other, then the outcome will always be the right championship performance at the right time!

The most popular coaching workshops we have delivered include:

– Effective communication skills for sports coaches

– Effective personal management for sports coaches

– Planning and prioritisation (inc. training schedules and periodisation)

– Observation and analysis during coaching

– Delivering constructive feedback

– The basics of coaching effectively

– The preparation and research required to develop effective coaching skills

– Mentoring and gaining valuable coaching experience

– The Importance of volunteering and coaching in sport

– Advertising, marketing and promotion for your sports club (including social media)

The duration of each of these workshops varies depending upon the subject area being delivered. However most run for either a two-, three- or four-hour period. Our rates are extremely competitive and include all preparation work prior to delivery, so you have the flexibility of running these workshops during working hours, in the evenings or at weekends.

If you are a County Sports Partnership (CSP), sports National Governing Body, sports club, university or community group looking to develop vital skills in your sports coaches, why not give us a call on either +44 (0) 7980 300169 or email to see how we can help you.

Click here for more information about the CPD coach workshops being delivered by SMART Way Forward.



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