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““Following a repeat of a successful days training with SMART Way Forward, we have now incorporated a quarterly sales training programme, with SMART objectives being at the heart of the programme.”
Claire Mollet
Sales & Marketing Director, Hippo Leisure Products Ltd / Manuplas Ltd

1 April 2012

Hotels now able to provide even better ‘ServeAce’ to their guests!

Hotels now able to provide even better ‘ServeAce’ to their guests!

Established UK fencing manufacturer JB Corrie & Co Limited has teamed up with SMART Way Forward to help increase the UK promotion of ServeAce – its unique tennis fencing solution for the sport, leisure, health and fitness industry.

SMART Way Forward identified new markets and industry sectors which would benefit from having ServeAce fencing installed at their premises, regardless of whether they already had tennis courts on site or not. The response has been fantastic

ServeAce fencing not only protects a tennis court, it also helps coach players and tennis enthusiasts to improve their service and accuracy thanks to its unique rebound qualities and specialist design.

As ServeAce fencing can be installed around an existing tennis court or alternatively as a free standing activity solution, it provides the perfect solution where open space may be a restriction.

The UK hotel sector has been very enthusiastic about ServeAce and many 4- and 5-star hotels are now considering ServeAce as a way of providing another leisure solution for their guests.

Nadeem Shaikh, Managing Director of SMART Way Forward, said: “There are many tennis enthusiasts who regularly stay in hotels, but are not always inspired to use indoor gyms or swimming pools during their stay. Therefore, some hotels groups and General Managers are now considering ServeAce as a low-cost tennis activity solution to enhance their facilities and offer guests a chance to practice their tennis skills, even though they are away from their local tennis club.”

Maurice Hickman, Sales and Marketing Director for ServeAce at JB Corrie & Co, said: “The team at SMART Way Forward have been a tremendous help supporting the promotion of our unique tennis practice fencing solution, ServeAce.

“They very quickly identified an effective sales strategy to help us raise the profile of ServeAce to the sport, leisure, health and fitness industry sectors and generate more potential enquiries. We have been delighted with the response so far.”

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