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“We would like to take this opportunity to thank Nadeem and all the staff at SMART Way Forward for all your assistance to date and hope we can continue to work together on a regular basis. We have found working with you so far an absolute pleasure, your flexibility and calm head is so reassuring and will be more than happy to recommend your services to other clients and advertise your company / link to your website through our site.”
Clive Goodchild
Managing Director, Clive’s Collectables

14 November 2011

SMART Way Forward serves up an ace for JB Corrie

SMART Way Forward completes consultancy services for JB CorrieSMART Way Forward has successfully delivered a range of marketing and promotional services for fencing manufacturer and contractor, JB Corrie & Co.

Through a bespoke consultancy package, SMART Way Forward provided advice, research, copywriting and design work to help the company promote its revolutionary ServeAce tennis fencing solution.

ServeAce is a specially formulated, practical fencing system especially designed for the tennis industry. Once installed, the fencing not only looks professional, but gives added protection to the tennis court itself. The ServeAce fencing solution even helps coach players (of all ages) by providing them a virtual partner whom they can practice and warm up with, before, during or after their game!

One of the main features of the ServeAce tennis fencing system is the white coated rail positioning incorporated with its design. This mimics the height characteristics of a tennis court net and a strategically positioned upper rail highlights the out of play areas. This allows players not only to master their technique but also refine their speed and accuracy during performance.

The ServeAce fencing system is a cost effective, alternative to standard block fencing. It incorporates discrete noise reduction, has excellent visibility and through vision, yet still provides a robust, durable solution, with superb rebound qualities. Ideal for any residential, club or sport / leisure centre with tennis courts on site.

JB Corrie is the only company in the UK to provide the ServeAce fencing system, which is now being used by a number well established tennis organisations and sports centres around the country.

Click here for more information about ServeAce.



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