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“Nadeem from SMART Way Forward recently delivered a coach development workshop to 20 of our athletics coaches at Bishops Stortford Running Club. The workshop was entitled ‘Planning for endurance performance’ with an emphasis on learning the essential running skills and drills required to help athletes improve results and stay injury free. We all found the workshop incredibly useful and motivating, and we will now put theory into practice to ensure we get the best from all our coaches and athletes at every training session and competition. Thanks Nadeem!”
Tim Kelly
UKA L2 Endurance Coach, Bishops Stortford Running Club

Training, CPD and Coach Development


Winston Churchill once said: “I am always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.”

At SMART Way Forward we understand that this can sometimes apply to all of us so we make all our training courses relevant, interactive, enthusiastic and fun!

Our CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training courses, seminars and programmes specialise in areas such as Sales, Management & Leadership, Customer Service and Coach Development.

All our training courses include a powerpoint presentation delivered by an experienced consultant, together with a number of scenario type fun exercises which help your staff relate to genuine every day situations they are likely to face. This helps to encourages the learning process, as it makes the training real and relevant.

As part of our offering, we will also help you plan an effective ongoing training plan, which will ensure that your staff have skills which are regularly refreshed and tested. This also makes it easier for management teams to identify areas for further development.

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CPD Courses for sports coaches, physical education and leisure departments

In addition to commercial business training, we also work with a number of universities sports departments, sports colleges, County Sports Partnerships (CSPs) and National Sports Governing Bodies (NGBs) around the UK delivering a series of CPD workshops to help sports coaches, students and graduates become more effective within their roles.

The duration for each workshop depends on the area being covered. However, most training workshops usually last either 2 hours (quarter day),  4 hours (half day) or  8 hours (full day).

These workshops have proved to be very successful once delivered and implemented. Performance increased instantaneously and generated some excellent results from a variety of athletes, coaches, students and graduates!

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