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“At Mark Harrod Limited we are always looking to develop our staff, along with our products to ensure we can offer our customer the highest levels of quality and service. We appointed SMART Way Forward to deliver a series of bespoke management and customer service training workshops to help us exceed expectations in all areas […]

How we work

SMART Way Forward is a specialist leadership, management, sales & training consultancy predominantly working within the sport, health, leisure & fitness industry.

All our training workshops and programmes are bespoke and tailored specifically to meet your needs. After an initial assessment, we discuss and review the main areas for improvement against your existing targets, work ethic, team culture and KPI’s (key performance indicators). We then design a training course or programme which focuses on developing individual and team skills in the areas identified.

Due to our extensive experience, we also deliver coach development workshops to a number of sports clubs, sports national governing bodies (NGBs), county sports partnerships (CSPs), universities and sports organisations around the UK.

The areas which we specialise in make up the ‘SMART’ in SMART Way Forward:

S – Sales Management
M – Motivation
A – Advertising & Marketing
R – Resource Management
T – Training, CPD and Coach Development

We are experts in delivering bespoke:

Leadership & Management Training
Sales Training
Customer Service Training
Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Coach Development

Over the years we have successfully worked with many equipment manufacturers, sports clubs, leisure centres, sports centres, universities, trade associations, local authorities, sports National Governing Bodies (NGBs), County Sports Partnerships (CSPs) and sports event organisers. We have helped them all by either forming an effective business strategy, achieving individual or team goals, exceeding revenue/sales targets or simply helping their teams become more confident, efficient and proactive in their roles. We believe that you should never stop learning and always try to be the best that you can be in all that you do.

Our standard rates are very reasonable and competitive in the industry, as we pride ourselves on spending time with your staff, sharing our knowledge and experiences, before helping them to improve their skills. We have set rates for a quarter day, half day and full day of consultancy. However, these may vary slightly depending upon additional expenses incurred, which take into account your location, preparation time required, overnight stays, level of commitment, time of delivery (e.g. during working hours, after 6pm or at weekends) and the length of contract term agreed.

To view a list showing some of the organisations, associations and sports clubs we have worked with, please click on the following link

To view a list of some of the bespoke training workshops and courses we have delivered, please visit the following link

Nadeem Shaikh, managing director of SMART Way ForwardPeople are the most important asset within any company. Therefore, making sure you have the right people, with the right skills, in the right positions, sharing the same vision, is an essential part of business success.

“At SMART Way Forward, we can train and develop your people so they have the skills and knowledge to deal with every sales or management situation in a calm, controlled, professional manner. Being reactive is sometimes much easier than being proactive, so having the skills to understand both are vital if you want to make the most of every opportunity.” – Nadeem Shaikh, Managing director

SMART equipment

Our experienced team of consultants at SMART Way Forward have delivered presentations and workshops in a variety of different sports and business environments. This includes workshop and seminar rooms, conference rooms, university and college class rooms, lecture theatres, sports halls, main halls, indoor and outdoor sports pitches, sports colleges, high performance centres, sports and leisure centres.

However, we understand that not all these locations can provide the necessary equipment required to deliver an effective seminar or workshop. Therefore, as long as you can provide the room, the seating, electric plug sockets, wifi or hard wire internet access, we are happy to provide and use our own equipment, such as projector screens, projectors, laptops, wireless microphones and audio speakers.

Recruitment Partners

SMART Way Forward are proud to support LAPS (Life After Professional Sport). Please see the details below for further information.

LAPS: Life After Professional Sport, is the career resource platform for current and former sports professionals and elite athletes. Sport professionals are highly sought after by employers in a huge number of sectors. The very characteristics that have put them at the top of their sports career are the same traits employers find desirable. There are thousands of rewarding careers out there, and LAPS has been set up by sports and recruitment experts to help connect sports professionals with organisations who wish to employ former elite athletes. Find out more at

SMART Way Forward are proud to be the management, leadership, sales and customer service training partner for Reuben Sinclair.

Read Reuben Sinclair’s interview with SMART Way Forward managing director, Nadeem Shaikh


Supporting Partners

SMART Way Forward are proud to support the work of The Mintridge Foundation. Please see the details below for further information

The Mintridge Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to enhancing life skills in young people through sport. They provide a support network by harnessing the power of positive sporting role models. Their team of ambassadors assist young people of all ages, abilities and physical capabilities to develop confidence and resilience, along with the awareness and importance of mental and physical wellbeing.

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