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“Great work by Nadeem, helping MH Goals get ready for their ISO9001 audit. What we have achieved in such a short period of time is down to the meticulous planning and commitment from Nadeem. I would recommend him to any company who needs help with their HR systems and leadership training”

Mark Harrod
Owner/Managing Director, MH Goals

7 June 2013

Steve Trew

STEVETREWSteve Trew’s company, Personal Best Fitness Consultancy, provides and manages the fitness facilities for Centrica PLC. Steve is also a facilitator/presenter for Johnson and Johnson. He has vast experience of seminars and presentations for balancing lifestyle and dealing with stress in the workplace. He taught for nineteen years in London Comprehensive schools before setting up his company.

Steve is one of the best-known names in World triathlon as a coach, race commentator, journalist and novelist. He has coached medallists at European and World Championships and has been at the Olympic and Commonwealth Games since Sydney 2000 as coach, team manager, and/or commentator for triathlon and swimming. Steve also provides live commentary at the London Marathon, the Great Swim series, and the Big City 10k and 5k runs. Steve has commentated on Olympic and World, Commonwealth and European major events both on-site and for television for 20 years.

Steve has coached and presented all over the world including Mexico, India, Yugoslavia, Canada, Israel, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Northern and Southern Ireland, Hong Kong, Malta, Italy, Bermuda and Australia. He has worked with National Federations, and the IOC and ITU on Olympic solidarity camps. Steve is an advisory coach for Speedo. He has a special interest in social and group dynamics.

At the 2012 London Olympic Games Steve was commentator and broadcaster for the sports of triathlon, marathon swimming and race walking. At the 2012 London Paralympic Games, Steve was stadium announcer and commentator for track and field athletics. He also provided commentary for blind spectators via the radio ‘in ear’ facility..

This unique combination of experience in World level sport and the Corporate World has given Steve an insight into the similarities of dealing with stress and developing the coping strategies required in both areas at this level. He has worked with British Gas, Centrica, PriceWaterhouseCooper, IBM, Reuters, the Metropolitan Police, and Teachers, Deputy Heads and Head Teachers in Primary and Secondary schools, amongst others.


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